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Eulogies- Family (in progress)




My Dear Baby Brother David,


Your premature and totally unexpected passing to God's Kingdom gives me so 

much shock, pain, anguish, and a shattered heart that I have moments of crying 

spells, non-existence and numbness. As your older sister (12 years your senior), I have always felt like a "little" mother to you. My current and future feelings must be like those of a mother sending her kids to Heaven before she. This should not be the case. However, I am grateful and elated that you are now in the arms of Jesus. 


You have always been special and admired by me in many ways:


• You are the only Alfred Yue's direct family member born in the USA. I 


always felt that your English is so much more superb and eloquent than mine 


and had always sought for your input, especially on written pieces. " Let 


David do the final review" was a common saying around the household.


• You started your elementary school when I started college. Our mother 


nurtured your love for reading and exploring into the world of sciences and 


electronics by diligently taking you to the library regularly. You developed 


exceptional interests and talent in piano and electronics. Our family loved 


your piano playing at all occasions. You were the center of joy whenever 


there is a piano around. You accompanied your brother John's violin 


playing that put smiles on our parents' faces. Fortunately, we have many of 


the pieces recorded and preserved.


• In Junior High and High school, you had a band with your friends and I saw 


the love and passion in you with the electric piano and keyboard. You also 


became one of the youngest accomplished radio ham operators (11 years old) 


in the State of California. I was so surprised and happy for you when you 


got the Radio Ham license!


• You always excelled in the academics. When you entered Harvard 


University in 1975, Raymond (brother in law), Robert (nephew), and I 


took you to the Freshman orientation. I was so proud of you attending the 


Orientation activities on the campus as your older sister!




• You chose to enter Johns Hopkins Medical School on the MD and Ph.D. 


program in 1979. There you met your beloved wife, Nancy. All of our 


family members adore and admire her! Her love for you, smiles/laughter, 


and generosity are so exemplary of a blessed Christian and you always 


returned in kind.. I remember many of our memorable trips (Rob, Jayson, 


and myself) to your Towson house from New York, including eating crabs at 


Bo Brooks and the delicious cheesecake at a local bakery. You even coached 


Jayson on his physics while he was at Princeton.


• Upon graduation from Hopkins, you decided to become a professor at the 


Johns Hopkins Medical School. Typical of you, you were passionate and 


discovered wonder in your research. Your research discoveries are world 


class. At the same time, your beautiful Christian family grew to 5 with three 


accomplished sons. I admire and am so proud of what you and Nancy have 


instilled in your Christian family! 


• You are so driven and talented that when asked by Jayson and Ji to be their 


wedding officiant, you kindly consented is spite of your busy schedule. You 


even took an online course to be qualified as a wedding officiant in the State 


of Arizona!


• You also gave so much comfort and hope to me during our father's struggle 


with cancer. Your encouraging words and strong belief in Jesus Christ and 


the gospel convinced our father to accept the Lord as his Savior during his 


last moments


My dear David, you and your family have always come regularly every other year to 


my Paradise Valley, AZ home for Christmas/New Year's since 1993. Your warmth, 


merriment, and fellowship will always be cherished! I have so many wonderful 


memories of you! I will miss your usual compliment on my youthful appearance 


as we prayed and toasted before the Christmas meal. As I continue the Christmas 


tradition with your family, although you will not be with us physically, your spirit 


and persona will be around and will always remain in my mind.


My dear David, during the week of 12/15/2014, we spoke on the phone about 


your coming to my new Irvine home to attend our Aunt's (ChangGu) funeral. 


Little did we know at that time that I will also be celebrating your many earthly 


accomplishments and eternal life a day later in Baltimore, MD (1/31/12014). Please 


guide and protect your loved ones from Heaven above.


With much love and sadness


Your sister, Mary





Words cannot describe the emptiness we feel right now or the pain in our hearts. We can't even imagine how all of you must feel.  


Uncle David was an amazing person to all of us as a husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to know such an amazing man.   His influence, impact, and example will live on in our memories forever.  


All of our love,

Jayson and Ji- David's nephew (Mary's son) and his bride


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