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Eulogies- Faith (in progress)


Like so many others I felt compelled to let you know how much Betsy and I have been thinking of you and your family. Honestly, you have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. Words are insufficient at times like this when death so abruptly invades our lives. I know what we felt when we heard of David crossing through what the Celtics call the "thin veil" between the life that we know now and the life that awaits us. Our hearts instantly imagined what you and the boys must have felt.....shock I am sure.

What seems to matter most at times like this is being in the presence of dear ones that you can simply be yourself with....whatever that may mean. Our hope in our Lord is real-I still remember my friend Dave saying to a few others just before he died that "it is all real-tell them it is all real". I know your grief and sense of loss is intense Nancy, and we will continue to ask The Lord to meet you as only He can. We pray these hopeful words from our friend Dave Meeks, who like your David is in the presence of Jesus, can add a measure of hope to your present grief.

You and David gave so much to so many and will continue to do so in ways you will never be aware of. He lived loving God and people and for that reason good fruit will be born for years to come! Our lives speak from both sides of the grave....and because David's life spoke in living color of the wonder of God in the days he was graced to walk this earth his life will speak the same message as people think of him and hear of him for years to come. Might that kind of "good word" be said of all of us.

Betsy and I are so sorry that we will miss celebrating your dear David's life due to being out of town seeing family. But in our hearts and prayers we will share in this time from afar. If we in any way can be of help over the days ahead please don't hesitate to let us know. I know we never had the opportunity to spend significant amounts of time together but we have admired the Yue's all the same!

One day the last enemy death will be destroyed...thank you Lord Jesus! Until then we pray in some way that all you and David shared, birthed together, laughed and cried about together, and wondered about together will cause seeds of gratitude to bloom within you even in this time of profound loss.

Praying for sure,

Pat and Betsy Goodman

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