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As we grieve the loss of David Yue, many of us wish to affirm his life in a significant way, one that will sustain his legacy of outstanding achievement in biomedical science, and advance his efforts to help young people launch careers in this field.  Leaders in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Department of Biomedical Engineering, together with David’s wife, Nancy Yue, and his siblings, Mary Yuan and John Yue, have been discussing how to honor David in a way that he would have found most meaningful. 


We believe that David should be honored by an effort that brought brings together his family, friends, and colleagues – those who have been touched by him in some way, in order to help the sorts of students to whom he dedicated so much of himself.  With this intention, we are creating a David T. Yue MD, PhD Endowed Scholars Fund which will, each year in perpetuity, support an exceptional student who plans to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. 


The David T. Yue MD, PhD Endowed Scholars Fund will fulfill two important purposes:  (1) It will provide a succession of elite students, the David T. Yue Scholars, with financial support to pursue a combined MD and PhD degree and to conduct pilot research projects, and; (2) it will enable the MD, PhD program at Johns Hopkins to attract exceptional individuals to our biomedical engineering track.  In accordance with Nancy’s wishes, the Fund will cover a substantial portion of each Scholar’s first-year expenses and, during the Scholars’ third year of the MD, PhD program, support their research activities – allowing them a unique opportunity to earn an important professional credential.  


The Yue and Yuan families have committed substantially to the goal of raising $1 million to establish the David T. Yue MD, PhD Endowed Scholars Fund.  However we need impactful contributions from others who share the desire for this perpetual remembrance.We hope that David’s friends, colleagues, and trainees and their circles will help us commemorate David him and his devotion to MD, PhDMD-PhD students in biomedical engineering.  Wehope you will consider making a gift to the David T. Yue MD, PhD Scholars Fund.   


Thank you for considering our request, and for helping us to keep alive David’s hopes and efforts.Please feel free to contact me directly to pledge your support.  I can be reached by phone at 410-361-6499 (office) or 847-363-9083 (mobile), by email to, or by postal mail to 750 East Pratt Street, 17th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202.


Alternatively, you can donate online at the link for the Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine given above on this page.


With warmest thanks,

Jill Doherty

Senior Director of Development

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Tax deductible donations can be given in David's memory to one of the following organizations.


     1) The "David T Yue MD, PhD Scholarship" at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. (see letter to the left)


Send checks to

   The Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

   c/o David T Yue MD, PhD Scholarship

   750 E. Pratt St.

   Baltimore MD 21202



Give online . Please designate gift to "Other" (at the bottom of the drop down menu) and fill in "David T Yue MD, PhD Scholarship" for the doctor's name. Additional tribute information is requested further down the page as well.









2) Reasons to Believe, 818 South Oak Park Road, Covina, CA 91724- "Where science and faith converge." Please add a note that the donation is in memory of Dr. David Yue.






3) Thank you toall  those who donated to the AMAA in David's memory. The goal has been met and Daniel will be running the Boston Marathon in April for his dad.





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